Stuck for easy lunch ideas?

Below are a few super easy ideas that can help you pack those lunch boxes. Also, here is a link to our YouTube channel that will feature a new video each week with lots of quick and easy tips and tricks!

Fun with skewers

I don't know what it is about food on sticks but pop something on a skewer it immediately becomes more interesting to kids (and adults). You can buy reusable skewers or bamboo skewers that easily fit into lunch boxes or you can even reuse lollipop sticks as a skewer. Here is a video I created with 5 ideas for skewers but the options are endless!

Bored of Sandwiches?

Here are a few ideas to help you switch things up;

  • Croissant: on it's own or filled with jam or cheese and ham.
  • Pasta: Greek salad pasta minus the onion is a huge hit in our household. I usually use leftover pasta from dinner the night before.
  • Sushi: homemade or store bought, both go down a treat here!
  • Nachos: not an everyday food but always good fun and a nice treat.
  • Cheese and crackers
  • Here is a link to a 1 minute video with some great alternative ideas.

Easy Dessert Box

My kids love it when I mix things up and give them a dessert box! And this one is super simple and pretty healthy (minus the sprinkles). Just add some yoghurt to a leakproof container and add as many sprinkles as desired. Chop up some apple and add to another compartment, this is perfect to dip into that yoghurt. Finally add berries of your choice to the other compartment, here I've used strawberries and blueberries which are a huge hit in our household!