A bit about our product

If you're wondering about the name....it comes from the elemental symbol for Iron. The lunch boxes are made of stainless steel which is mostly iron, so as a no nonsense brand we thought we'd call it Iron Box, Fe Box, which is exactly what they are! Our founder, Jayne, also studied chemistry at uni so we thought the name only fitting (and a bit nerdy)!

We chose to create a stainless steel range of boxes because it is a great option if you need a lunch box or to store food and it's what we use for our own kids. It's super durable and doesn't leach any chemicals...it's often the material of choice in professional kitchens and hospitals because it's so good!

Another big benefit is the sustainability of stainless steel. When the product reaches the end of it's life (or use) the material is 100% recyclable. See our FAQs for more details on this.

Like everything they're not totally indestructible...they do get scratches and marks but luckily it doesn't impact the properties of the material. And if cared for properly they can last for years and years!

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A bit about our founder

Hi, I'm Jayne, founder of Fe.Box. I hope you're enjoying the website and the products! I'm originally from Liverpool in the UK and moved to Sydney over a decade ago where I now live with my 2 delightful children - see charming photo!

I don't take myself too seriously and always try to keep things real. I sell metal boxes...they're not super fancy but they're bloody good! They do the job they're designed to do, they're tough, easy to clean, non-toxic solutions to store your food in. They're also a bit of fun, and come in some bright colours!

A bit about our brand

We won't go on forever here but wanted to let you know a bit of what we're about.

We're a no-nonsense brand and will always make sure we do not BS you! We also know that we're not perfect...if you ever have any feedback, do drop us a line, we love to hear from our customers.

We really care about our planet and are trying our best to be eco-friendly wherever we can. Our product is a great sustainable solution if you need a lunch box. We also use no plastic in our packaging and try to use environmentally friendly partners and suppliers (e.g. use banks that invest in renewable energy sources).

If there's anything else you want to know a bit about...give us a shout!